“Ross Sea Suites” – New CD by Valmar Kurol & Michael Stibor

Ross Sea Suites


Valmar Kurol & Michael Stibor

This album is based on the places and histories encountered during Valmar Kurol’s 5-week long semi-circumnavigation voyage by ship, along Western Antarctica in 2015.  The trip focused on the Ross Sea area, which was the major portal to Antarctica during the Golden Age of Antarctic exploration in the early 1900s. It is an orchestral-sounding album with 11 instrumental suites, which he composed with a collaborator, Michael Stibor. There are also two bonus vocal tracks on it (the last one of which was co-written and sung by his wife, Carole Desmarteau).

It is available at mtl.ant.soc@sympatico.ca for $13 including shipping in Canada, and will soon be available for download on iTunes and Amazon. It is also available from Indiepool.com at www.indiepool.com/KUROL002DIS

There will shortly be a web site at www.rossseasuites.com

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