Short Film “Lessons Learned” – Just For Laughs Festival – July 24, 2014




Kyle Gatehouse, Matt Raudsepp, and Tristan D. Lalla star in AJ Korkidakis‘s short film Lessons Learned, premiering at the Just for Laughs Festival on Thursday July 24th as part of the Eat My Shorts film screening. With Jeanne Ostiguy.


After many years apart, Sam and Charlie, two childhood friends, reunite at the funeral of a former elementary school teacher. As they reminisce about the past, it quickly becomes evident that they both remember things very differently: Charlie is proud of their time as class clowns, whereas Sam is plagued by guilt over the cruel and awful pranks they pulled to earn that title. Sam soon convinces Charlie to join him in visiting their old french teacher, who they had been particularly mean to, in order to apologize and clear his conscience. Armed with good intentions, they seek her out – but Sam quickly learns that ridding himself of his guilt might be a harder task than anticipated.


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