Centaur Theatre presents “Seeds” by Annabel Soutar: Oct. 29 – Nov. 24


October 29 – November 24

This gripping, modern day David-versus-Goliath docudrama chronicles the epic legal showdown between Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser and Monsanto. The agrochemical firm accused Schmeiser of illegally growing its patented, genetically engineered canola seeds on his farm, while he claimed they were blown in with the wind. When Schmeiser famously asked the question, "who owns life?" before the Supreme Court of Canada, his words galvanized the anti-GMO (genetically modified organism) movement around the world.

Biography of playwright

Annabel Soutar (daughter of Helgi Ulk), is the artistic director of Porte Parole, a Montreal theatre company dedicated to creating and producing original documentary plays about contemporary social and political issues. Her plays include: Novembre (2000), 2000 Questions (2002) and Sexy Beton (Sexy Concrete) (2009/2010), which explored the collapse of the de la Concorde overpass in 2006 and the culture of corruption in Quebec’s construction industry.

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MIND THE GAP (Lecture/Discussion)

For the first dialogue about GMOs, Dr. Illimar Altosaar will be one of the speakers charged to enlighten us about the future of food

Mind The Gap: National Post Review


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