Gita Kalmet – Newly Appointed Estonian Ambassador to Canada

Gita Kalmet

The newly appointed Estonian Ambassador to Canada (as of August 2013), Gita Kalmet (Ränk), was born in Tallinn, Estonia on November 29, 1959. In 1984 she graduated from the Tallinn State Conservatoire (Drama Dept.) and in 1993 from the Estonian School of Diplomacy (International Relations). In 1996 she completed her studies in the Foreighn Service Programme at Oxford University in England.

She has worked as an actress for the Rakvere City Theatre and more recently as the Second Secretary, Estonian Embassy in Paris (1999-2002), Desk Officer for NATO, Political Dept. (2002-2003), Ambassador of Estonia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands (as of August 2006), and Director General, Public Diplomacy Dept., Estonian MFA, (as of August 2011).

She is married to the director/actor Madis Kalmet and they have two sons, Henrik and Karl-Andreas Kalmet, who work at the Tallinn City Theatre.


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