Une Estonienne à Paris – A film by Ilmar Raag

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Une Estonienne à Paris (in French) – 1h34 – Cinéma Beaubien

With Jeanne Moreau, Laine Mägi & Patrick Pineau

Directed by Ilmar Raag

Anne, a divorcée in her fifties, leaves Estonia for Paris in order to take care of Frida, a wealthy octogenarian who emigrated to France before the war. She soon realizes that Frida doesn’t want her there. However, when Frida’s former lover Stéphane, decades her junior, asks her to stay, she agrees. Anne slowly manages to break through the elderly lady’s tough exterior.


Sun., May 26, 2013  –  10:15 am, 12:40

Mon., Tues., May 27 & 28, 2013  –  10:15 am & 12:40

Weds., May 29, 2013  –  12:40

Thurs., May 30, 2013  –  10:15am & 12:40



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