Pruuli Family Reunited in Estonia

Karl, Hilda & Viive Pruuli Buried In Estonia

The burial of Karl, Hilda and Viive Pruuli took place on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011 at 3:00 pm local time at the Tartu Pauluse Kalmistu, in Tartu, Estonia

There were 30 guests at the funeral, all friends and relatives of the Pruuli and Nukk families. The Lutheran Pastor spoke extensively at the grave side, then Eda Merisalu said a few words in Estonian and Cuno Bergner a few words in English.

Karl’s nephew Tonu Mauring had made it possible for the Canadian Pruuli family to be buried beside Karl’s mother (Rosalie Pruuli) and sister (Taehte Mauring). Karl and Hilda were born in Vana-Kuste, south of Tartu almost 100 years ago and now the circle is complete. They are back where they belong. May they rest in peace.

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