Saunaka 50th Anniversary

L to R BACK ROW: Olav Nilender. Rein Maasik, Mati Merilo, Andres Soom, Dana Hearne, Heiki Tamm, Erik Purre, Mary Soom, Jaak Riga, and Enn Raudsepp.

L to R FRONT ROW: Rachel Nilender, Helen Maasik, Judy Tamm, Gundi Purre, Annely Riga, Kathy Merilo




Saunaka 50th Anniversary Get-together

In 1961, nine young Montreal friends who had followed their fathers into a number of different Estonian academic organizations, decided to form a new society — Saunaka — in order to stay close to each other. Despite the dispersal of members to Mexico, and to both coasts of The United States and Canada, Saunaka members have been gathering for reunions every 10 years. Last week, the group celebrated its 50th anniversary with a week-long reunion at the Northridge Resort in Muskoka.

Older Montrealers will remember that six of the members formed a popular dance band that often played at Pruuli’s hall.

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