Kristjan Onu at Laval University, Quebec City

September, Kristjan Onu started work at Laval University in Québec City as a postdoctoral fellow in a joint project of the Department of Wood and Forest Sciences and the Department of Mathematics. Thus, Kristjan is not a medical doctor, but rather a doctor of mechanics. He finished his studies in August at the University of Illinois. His thesis, titled “Stochastic Averaging for Mechanical Systems” established methods useful in simplifying the mathematical description of broad classes of engineering systems, for example water waves and shock absorbers, when these are perturbed by noise. Kristjan is now back in the city of his childhood. He likes to joke that his return to Québec City was necessary to ensure this would remain the city where he has spent most of his life. He has also lived in Ottawa, where his family remains, and in London, Ontario, where he attended the University of Western Ontario for a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics. At Laval, the goal of his project is to model deformities in manufactured wood products due to imperfections in raw wood. It is hoped that ultimately this research will advance the state of the art in the forestry industry.

Family and friends rejoice and congratulate Kristjan for his achievements and his return to Québec City, second only to Tallinn in its historic beauty.


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