The Baltic Students’ Society of McGill University

In January 2010 the Baltic Students’ Society (BSS) was established at McGill University to celebrate the common history and culture of the Baltic countries.

The club has four aims: to maintain and celebrate the cultural heritage of the Baltic countries, to create a positive space in which to address and discuss issues of Baltic culture, identity and contemporary Baltic life, to reach out to Baltic communities in Montreal, and to create and spread awareness of Baltic cultures and societies within the McGill community. Thus far, the club is comprised of fifty members, eleven of whom are Estonian, and it is growing! During the winter 2010 semester, they have held movie nights, presentations and information sessions about each Baltic country, as well as BBQs and weekly meetings! This club is a great opportunity for students to meet and learn about their culture as well as become involved with campus life. The club is always looking for new members in the McGill University community as well as ideas for events and things to do in Montreal!


Facebook: Baltic Students’ Society


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