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Karl J. Raudsepp

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The Republic of Estonia – 100th Anniversary Celebrations in 2018

Tere … Hi … Bonjour:

In 2018 Eesti celebrates the 100th anniversary of its independance.

The MES is planning a series of events to join in this celebration.  We would like to hear from you as to what activities you would like to see.

A concert?  Craft show?  Cross country ski event?  Family weekend at Lättemäe?  Cooking lessons?  Dinner/dance?  Pub night and trivia contest, etc.

Send us your ideas before September 25th for our next MES Executive brain-storming session.

And if you would like to volunteer your organizational skills, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us at info@mtlmes.ca with your ideas.

Hope to hear from you soon!

MES Executive
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